Join Krewe de Main!

Krewe de Main originally formed around the Coup de Main land project in St. Tammany Parish, Louisiana but has since become so much more. In addition to throwing the yearly Coup de Gras festival every Mardi Gras since the hellscape that was 2020, Krewe de Main also follows in the pattern of most other Mardi Gras krewes and acts as a social club and mutual aid group throughout the rest of the year, but with a consciosly radical twist. We are a rowdy krewe of anarchists, agorists, libertarians, and leftists intent on using the traditions of Mardi Gras to party our asses off while spreading the ideas of anarchism. After all, I believe it was Emma Goldman who pointed out the importance of dancing to any revolution. We will secure that bread but we shall enjoy our roses too!

If you wish to host a panel, discussion, workshop, skillshare, debate, podcast premier, film showing, etc. or contribute to the open mic art day or cabaret, you can do so here.

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