2023 Krewe de Main Queen – Cathy Reisenwitz

Cathy Reisenwitz runs the Sex and the State newsletter on Substack and has bylines in TechCrunch, The Week, VICE, Daily Beast, and other fine publications. She also serves as the Simone de Beauvoir Chair in Sex Positivity Studies at C4SS.

Bands & Comedy – CdG Prequel Trilogy & Ball

Sykotic Tendencies consists of 3 siblings. Eve, the youngest of the 3 plays bass and lead vocals! Jonas, the middle, plays guitar. Julian, the oldest, plays drums.

Some of the things fans, musicians, and promoters have had to say about them are “probably the most punk rock band I’ve heard in a decade raw and real”, “holy shit they are good”, “they are rad, they blew our minds”, “one of the best punk bands in Texas”, “I love your style and sound”, “I love how your sound crosses over so many genres everyone enjoys you”, “Sykotic Tendencies is opinionated, passionate and fearless, well done”.

Konstricted is a Death Metal/ Deathcore band from Raceland, Louisiana. We started this band a year ago and now we are finally getting this movement out there. For fans of Six Feet Under, Whitechapel, Carnifex, Acid Bath, Pantera.


<Y/N> is…

Calvin Brown- Drums, Vocals Synths
Makain Wiginton- Guitars, Vocals, Synths
Angel Capdepon- Bass

Logan Marie Glitterbomb was a former editor, writer, and publisher of the queer anarchist ‘zine Pink&Black, founder of the Green Market Agorist, and co-founder of the Coup de Main land project, Krewe de Main, and the Coup de Gras Mardi Gras festival. She has lived collectively for a number of years, making a living as an agorist and freelancer and is a proud dual carder in the IWW’s I.U. 450 & 690 and the Freelancers Union.

Charles-Thomas Vidrine is a comedian operating out of the Lafayette, LA area. He’s been practicing improv with The Weaning Process for three years, and doing stand-up for eight. He’s participated in several festivals such as the Altercation Comedy Festival in Austin, TX, and the KruDeGraw Anarchist Festival.

Charles-Thomas was on the winning team of Stoned Vs. Drunk Vs. Sober battle of champions and has toured most of the southern United States.

Photo by Jon Landy

Joey Thibodeaux is a comic from Lafayette, LA where he has hosted weekly and monthly stand-up shows. His mom tells him he’s handsome; everyone else tells him he’s funny. He has opened for Shane Torres, Bobcat Goldthwait, and Billy Wayne Davis, performed on Trill Comedy Fest, and toured most of the Southeast in his girlfriend’s car.

Unconference Guests & Podcasts

Evan Pierce is a gardener, builder, and anarchist working on (re)generating universal ecological infrastructure. They previously served as C4SS Editor and are currently exploring the applications of artificial intelligence in art, writing, and more. They’re into the cross-pollination of ideas and intersections of praxis between anarchism, permaculture, and transhumanism.

Alex McHugh is a no-labels anarchist activist and coordinating director at C4SS. In addition to writing and editing for the center, Alex acts as producer for the C4SS podcast network and appears on Mutual Exchange Radio. He lives in northern Michigan, where he’s focused on building community and exploring questions of spirituality and mysticism. He’s also interested in egoism, mutual aid, and alternative economic institutions.

Green Market Agorist is a podcast hosted by Logan Marie Glitterbomb, which focuses on agorism, solarpunk, social ecology, green markets, and the circular and sharing economies in addition to related topics such as community defense, prepping, self-sufficiency, sustainability, police and prison abolition, security culture, anti-fascism, banking, and entrepreneurship.

Mutual Exchange Radio is C4SS’s flagship podcast series. Featuring deep dives into anarchist theory and practice, Mutual Exchange Radio is hosted by Zachary Woodman, Cory Massimino, and Alex McHugh. The show brings together a wide variety of guests, from academics, to on-the-ground activists, to Center scholars, to entrepreneurs to discuss the latest developments in the philosophy and practice of market anarchism. 

The Anti-Nazi Gaming League is a C4SS-affiliated monthly live stream on gaming and pop culture from an anti-fascist perspective.

We go live at 7:00 PM EST every third Friday, and play through a game while discussing pop culture news, gaming, and all things nerdy. You can watch on YouTube, Twitchor Facebook.

Previous Guests

Eric Fleischmann (he/they), is a left-libertarian anarchist currently working around cooperative food systems. He is a close affiliate of the Center for a Stateless Society, the self-described “logistics gremlin” for the C4SS podcast The Enragés, and a co-organizer of & contributor to upcoming books such as Defiant Insistence: David Graeber, Anarchist, Anthropologist, Fellow Worker (1961-2020) & TOTAL ABOLITION: Police, Prisons, Borders, Empire.

Mike Shipley, aka Mikester, is legendary for making Tom Woods cry live on the air. He also singlehandedly defeated Ron Paul with a single meme and can erase problematic ancaps without even clicking his mouse. I guess that makes him the Chuck Norris of bottom unity, except fabulous, and with better hair.

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