Alex McHugh is a no-labels anarchist activist and coordinating director at C4SS. In addition to writing and editing for the center, Alex acts as producer for the C4SS podcast network and appears on The Outgroup roundtable show for Patrons, and a few episodes of Mutual Exchange Radio. He lives in Philadelphia with his wife and friends, where he’s focused on building community and exploring questions of spirituality and mysticism. He’s also interested in egoism, mutual aid, and alternative economic institutions.

Green Market Agorist is a podcast hosted by Logan Marie Glitterbomb, which focuses on agorism, solarpunk, social ecology, green markets, and the circular and sharing economies in addition to related topics such as community defense, prepping, self-sufficiency, sustainability, police and prison abolition, security culture, anti-fascism, banking, and entrepreneurship.

An agorist and anarchist-without-adjectives, Logan Marie Glitterbomb was a former editor, writer, and publisher of the queer anarchist ‘zine Pink&Black, founder of the Green Market Agorist, and co-founder of the Coup de Main land project, Krewe de Main, and the Coup de Gras Mardi Gras festival. She has lived collectively for a number of years, making a living as an agorist and freelancer and is a proud dual carder in the IWW’s I.U. 450 & 690 and the Freelancers Union.

Nathan P. Goodman is a Ph.D. student in the Department of Economics at George Mason University. He earned his B.S. in mathematics from the University of Utah and M.A. in economics from George Mason University. Previously, he was the Lysander Spooner Research Scholar in Abolitionist Studies at the Center for a Stateless Society and a Summer Fellow at the Fully Informed Jury Association.

His articles have appeared in such scholarly journals as the Journal of Institutional Economics; Peace Economics, Peace Science, and Public Policy; and The Independent Review, and he is a contributor to the book, Rethinking Punishment in the Era of Mass Incarceration (edited by Christopher W. Surprenant). His op-eds have appeared at, CounterPunch, Rebelión, and many other outlets. His research interests include defense and peace economics, political economy, criminal justice, border militarization, institutions, and self-governance.

The Outgroup is the Patreon-exclusive companion podcast to Mutual Exchange Radio where members of the Center for a Stateless Society hold roundtable discussions of current events.

Previous Guests

Eric Fleischmann (he/they) is a left-libertarian anarchist pursuing an undergrad double major in anthropology and philosophy and currently working around cooperative food systems. He is a close affiliate of Center for a Stateless Society, a co-organizer of & contributor to upcoming books such as Defiant Insistence: David Graeber, Anarchist, Anthropologist, Fellow Worker (1961-2020) and TOTAL ABOLITION: Police, Prisons, Borders, Empire, the self-described “logistics gremlin” for the C4SS podcast The Enragés, and a founding member of the leftist student activism group at his college. He is a member of both the Industrial Workers of the World and the Union of Musicians and Allied Workers. He has also played in and currently plays in several punk, hardcore, and alternative bands/projects such as Consumerist, Soy., Manbitesdog, and NOPE.

Mike Shipley, aka Mikester, is legendary for making Tom Woods cry live on the air. He also singlehandedly defeated Ron Paul with a single meme and can erase problematic ancaps without even clicking his mouse. I guess that makes him the Chuck Norris of bottom unity, except fabulous, and with better hair.

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