About Coup de Gras

Coup de Gras is an annual anarchist Mardi Gras celebration thrown by Krewe de Main and the Center for a Stateless Society deep in the bayous of Cajun Country. Equal parts anarchist bookfair and Carnival celebration, Coup de Gras is a yearly camping festival and unconference which aims to bring together libertarian socialist politics and the traditions of Mardi Gras.

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About Krewe de Main

Krewe de Main began in 2019 as the crew of people behind the Coup de Main queer anarchist intentional community but eventually grew beyond that. Today they host an annual Mardi Gras celebration known as Coup de Gras that serves as a cross between an anarchist bookfair and a Mardi Gras celebration and are working to raise the funds to buy their own plot of land in the woods of Southern Louisiana.

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About Center for a Stateless Society

The Center for a Stateless Society (C4SS) is an anarchist think-tank and media center. Its mission is to explain and defend the idea of vibrant social cooperation without aggression, oppression, or centralized authority.

In particular, it seeks to enlarge public understanding and transform public perceptions of anarchism, while reshaping academic and movement debate, through the production and distribution of market anarchist media content, both scholarly and popular, the organization of events, and the development of networks and communities, and to serve, along with the Alliance of the Libertarian Left and the Molinari Institute, as an institutional home for left market anarchists.

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